Thirsk, North Yorkshire, UK

So what is it...?

lophtware is hardware, firmware and software produced by a man in his loft.

As a company we have been providing bespoke software and development services to industry for 16 years, mainly to large corporations.  It has been challenging, enjoyable and rewarding.  And long may that continue.  But hardware is interesting too...

The USB Type-C / PIC32 Breakout & Development Board was initially created to prove the USB section of another design but it became apparent that it would be useful in its own right.  USB provides power and breadboards require power.  USB provides data transfer and breadboards often need some stimuli.  Result.

This little board aims to provide a more flexible alternative to the usual FT232 breakouts, allowing a quick and easy cross-platform way to leverage USB for breadboarding and prototyping.  No drivers are required.  It is completely hackable for when out-of-the-box isn't sufficient.  Or just because you want to.  In fact it is positively encouraged.

Check out the GitHub repository for the source, documentation and obligatory Hello, World !

Want one...?

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